In case you didn’t know already, the Volkswagen T6.1 Transporter has ended production, having been on sale since 2015. If you’re a die hard Volkswagen fan then snap up the last ‘true’ VWs as the next model, the T7 is going to be a joint venture with Ford.

Yes that’s right, the VW Transporter and Ford’s Transit Custom are uniting to launch a new generation of vans for both companies.

“Commercial vehicles are fundamental to Ford today and an area where we will accelerate and grow, and working with Volkswagen on these platforms will provide both of us significant financial advantages in things like engineering, and plants and tooling.”
Jim Farley – Ford Chief Operating Officer

After Volkswagen entered into a product sharing agreement with Ford for their commercial vehicles, the next generation of Volkswagen Transporter will be built by Ford and based on the latest Ford Transit Custom and built at the Ford plant in Turkey. 

So that’s it then. Your new VW T7 will share the same body, chassis and powertrain as the Ford and from what we’ve heard the only real difference between the two brands will be the badge and maybe a few minor interior trim options.

As already mentioned if you’re loyal to the VW brand then get yourself one of the last true German built campervans whilst they’re still available. If you’re looking to the future then the new Transit will be available as a camper from us this summer and we expect it to be a hit. The long awaited T7 is not due until 2025 from what we know but to all intents and purposes get yourself a Ford if you need something this year as you can rest assured that it will look the same as a VW when that launches.