If you’re new to campervans then some of the terminology can be a little confusing. The first thing you’ll notice is that people always talk about SWB vs LWB.

These are abbreviations for Short Wheel Base (SWB) and Long Wheel Base (LWB). Put simply its the difference in length of a campervan with a SWB Volkswagen Transporter measuring 4.9m in length, whilst the LWB VW Transporter measures 5.3m in length.

So we’re talking a difference of 40cm between a SWB and LWB.

So not a great deal (40cm) between the two different lengths of van and surprisingly not very different to a large estate.

The best option for you will depend on your personal circumstances and preferences. Larger families are likely to appreciate the additional storage space with the LWB, but a SWB may be more suitable for those that want a small (albeit 40cm shorter) van that feels a little more agile for parking, etc.

In my humble opinion the exterior dimensions are not worth writing home about, however the extra space that’s afforded to the interior of a LWB camper really does stand out. You wouldn’t quite believe it, but step into a LWB camper after sitting in the SWB version and you’ll be amazed at the extra legroom, cupboard space, etc.


It really does depend on your preferences but the best way to find out what suits is to step inside both and get a feel for what would work for you. The wrong choice doesn’t really exist, they are both great!