Elevating Roofs

Westdubs Elevating Roofs

We have been fitting Westdubs elevating roofs for a few years now and can vouch for the quality of the product. Westdubs roofs are M1 status crash pull tested and verified, are made in the UK and come with a two year warranty. 


  •  Unique fibreglass template design
  • Prefabricated reinforcing frame

  • Fibreglass roof shell 5cm depth with honeycomb foam insulation

  • No exterior bolts

  • Laser cut strengthening frames

  • 2–5-year warranty on roof skin and assembly parts

  • 18 canvas colour options as standard (Further colour and fabric upgrade options available)

  • 3 zip covered windows: 2 mesh, 1 fixed.

  • Scenic option – full open zip at front

  • Gas struts & stainless-steel scissor hinges

  • Made with space for roof bed and option for carpeted bed base

  • Vehicle height with the roof only adds 3 inches

  • Secure locking system

  • Carpeted roof panel covering access opening

  • Easy replacement of canvas in event of damage

  • Aerodynamic integrated front spoiler

  • Water and resistant canvas fabric

  • No vinyl for no cracking, sweating and smell

  • Folding mechanism pulls tent fabric in away from hinges

  • Can accommodate bunk size width 1020mm, 18mm depth and 70 inches long

  • Roof load capacity for roof racks 45-50kg

Westdubs roof installation £3300
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