With a strong focus on high quality and premium campervans, Robeta has firmly established itself as a leading player in the industry since its founding in 2011. The company has been recognized with Europe’s best campervan award, cementing its reputation as a provider of top-notch motorhomes.

Now available for the first time in the UK, we are proud to be the first dealer to partner with the brand. Robeta offers quality that is noticeable as soon as you step inside. Thanks to the modern design and smart interior choices, you will experience luxury, comfort and freedom.



Measuring just under 6m in length, the Adonis can accommodate up to 4 people and is based on the Mercedes Sprinter.
The new Adonis is the perfect combination of luxury and utility. It distinguishes itself with a sleek, aerodynamic exterior with a spacious and comfortable interior, perfect for long journeys and adventures. 



With a length of 5.41m, (little more than a passenger car) 4 seats and a thoughtful distribution of space, the Ares is the perfect all-rounder for everyday use or longer adventures. Based on the Opel Movano, the Ares offers a double bed with lounge, bathroom with a shower, a fully equipped kitchen and seating group for four. 



We are proud and delighted to announce our first place in the Goldene Reisemobil competition 2023, that is organised annually by AutoBild Reisemobil. Prizes were awarded in 7 categories, Robeta, with its flagship Adonis, was nominated in the “Kastenwagen” category. 

This is a great honour, as the award recognises the outstanding work and innovation that Robeta incorporates into its vehicles. The Adonis, one of Robeta’s most popular new models, won the award, making it the GOLDEN ADONIS, the best campervan in Europe.