We pride ourselves on stocking quality vehicles and only sell campers we would be happy to use ourselves as outdoor enthusiasts. A key part of running an established and trusted business is working with the right people and suppliers. Anyone can make great promises, but we do everything we can to deliver great products and service by working with established manufacturers that meet our high standards.


Robeta is one of the top three motorhome manufacturers in Europe. With a strong focus on high quality and premium campervans, Robeta has firmly established itself as a leading player in the industry since its founding in 2011. The company has been recognized with Europe’s best campervan award, cementing its reputation as a provider of top-notch motorhomes. With many happy owners throughout Europe we are thrilled to be the exclusive distributor for Robeta here, and look forward to introducing UK customers to an altogether premium campervan.


Platinum Wave Automotive has been providing the ultimate in bespoke vehicle conversion since 2017.

From their Midlands-based workshops, the team provides the specialist design and build of truly unique commercial vehicles and campervans.