Night Heaters

Planar Heaters

The Autoterm Planar heater is the best option for quality, reliability and value for money and with the new Super Silent Pump that is now standard on all of our installs this really is the best heater for your camper.

The heater comes with a 7-day timer allowing you to set a specific day and time for the heater to power itself on and kick into action with a specified temperature and run time. For example, in the winter months, if you are using your vehicle daily, you could set the heater to turn on Monday-Friday at 7 am for 30 minutes, so that when you entered the vehicle for the daily commute, you would find yourself coming out to a warm, and best of all, defrosted vehicle. All without having to press a single button. The controller also has a self-regulating thermostat which means you can set the temperature that you desire, and leave the heater on overnight. The heater will power itself on and off throughout the night, keeping the vehicle at a comfortable temperature without any human input.

As an authorised Autoterm dealer all our heaters are given a full 3 year warranty.

Price £1350
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